Defining the required measurement for you package can be daunting, but PolyMaven will work with you to figure out the perfect size of your poly bag.

Capacity to Size Pouch Conversion Chart
will give you a jumpstart to determine the approximate size of your pouch.
The PolyMaven Process Phases
1 Design Maven – Creative and Design Process
  • Material, Design and Bag Structure

  • Artwork and pouch templates

  • Careful Project Initiation

2 Production Maven – Prepress, Plate Process and Poly Process
  • At the Printing

  • Plates

  • Perfect Cut

  • Detailed Configuration

3 Quality Control, Finalization and Logistics
  • Spec and Quality Verification

  • Packaging

  • Shipping

The Secrets behind your packaging
Your Product sales depend on the packaging

A customer will buy a product based on its wrapping, and not on the product itself. Your product may be the best there is on the market, however, the customer cannot discover that without first buying your product. It may seem surprising to you, but it is true. So You need to find ways to attract potential customers. How, you might ask? The key to selling your products lies in its appealing package. We are all guilty of making buying decisions based solely on it’s packaging.

Customer retention may depends on the quality of your packaging

Your packaging needs to have a sleek and attractive design, but even more important is the quality and
functionality of the bag. The customer’s experience with the packaging largely influences his or her
decision whether to buy your product again. High-quality bags do not spill its contents when opened. A
high-quality bag will retain its contents’ freshness even after being opened. High-quality bags do not rip
easily, are strong yet flexible, and should preferably be recyclable. High-quality bags protect
against problems like puncture holes, odors, oxygen, moisture, UV light, pests, and more.

PolyMaven’s bags meet all these criteria, and then some! has proven time
and again that it is the packaging that sells a product. Custom printed pouches
will cause a product to stand out among competitors. We can make your bags tell
your story.

Your packaging represents the “WOW” of your product, and our goal
at PolyMaven is to create packaging that delivers the best first impression
possible. Just like you won’t place a Rolex watch in a creased, used plastic bag,
you don’t want to place your important product inside inferior casing.
So call us today to give your packaging your best shot, and watch your sales grow!

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Markets We Serve

At PolyMaven, we are proud of our personal touch, knowing that collaborating closely with our customers in a friendly, responsive manner is just as significant as delivering high-end products. Therefore, when it comes to the best in custom poly bags, PolyMaven has been preferred by a wide variety of markets.

  • Food

    PolyMaven custom packaging will entice any one customer to grab your food items off the shelf. Our careful consideration to detail, modern artwork and top-quality products will make your item stand out from the rest. Can dies, dried fruit, nuts, and pastries are just some of the items that benefit from PolyMaven’a FDA approved packaging.

  • Pet Food

    This large industry is very competitive since pet food is limited to each animal’s very specific dietary needs. That is why you will have to turn your packaging into your advertisement. PolyMaven will create a bag for you to generate sales that would put any wide-scale ad campaign to shame.

  • Apparel

    PolyMaven offers custom plastic retail and apparel options with your company’s printed logo for a personalized look.Choose from our large selection of styles material options, closures, and exclusive, specialized features.

  • Detergents

    Some bags need to be designed with more emphasis on function than on style. PolyMaven can design your bag to endure heavy-duty application. No matter how many specifications your bag must entail, PolyMaven will create a design to meet and exceed your need.

  • Die-cut Handle Bags

    Die-cut handle bags are good for commercial and domestic usage. They feature handles for easy transport and the large imprint area promotes brand recognition. We recommend die-cut handle bags to be used at trade-shows and fairs.

  • Poly Mailers

    When you ship an item, you’ll want to make sure your item arrives safely. PolyMaven’s thick and durable USPS-approved mailers will meet the requirements needed to ensure the safety of your fragile items during transit.

See what others are saying behind our back
I ordered a small shipment and was so pleasantly surprised when I was treated like an important customer. I received service that surpassed all my expectations. I love my bags; they do not tear easily, so I know they are being reused, and that makes them a great advertisement for my company. Thank you!
PolyMaven has become an integral part of our company. Their courteousness, professionalism and fast turn-around makes them a pleasure to deal with. Our bags are eye-catching and beautiful. Our customers love them and so do we! Thank you, Simon!
PolyMaven saved us over 11% on our packaging costs since they took over our poly needs last year. We heeded PolyMaven’s excellent advice to stop using labels and print directly on our packaging, thus cutting our costs drastically. PolyMaven has turned our small business into a professional enterprise. Thanks to PolyMaven, we LOOK GOOD, FEEL GOOD, and therefore DO GOOD!!


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